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We have a 20 year history placing quality rebuilt vehicles on the road. Our vehicles are on the roads of states such as Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.  We specialize in newer truck, vans, and SUVs. With a rebuilt title you can save as much as 25%.  We can fix it for you or we can set you up so that you can fix it yourself.  


We strive for quality and not quantity.  If you are looking for something cheap, then do not look to us as we are not the cheapest.  But, if quality is what you are interested in, then we can probably help you.  When a vehicles leave our shop, they are guaranteed to be road worthy and ready to work for you.  


We are a small businness.  In fact, most days there are only one or two of us in the shop.  This is how we ensure quality work is done.  


You will find that we have time to answer all your questions even if you decide not to buy from us. 

Our business was founded on the idea that everyone deserves dependability at affordable prices.  It's frustrating to purchase a used or repaired vehicle that has many cosmetic and mechanical problems. 



We strive to be good stewards and repair what has been damaged.  Our standard of excellence demands perfection. And we are not satisfied until we see your smile.  

Sometimes people are concerned about purchasing a vehicle that has been repaired. And we understand your concerns.


We do our best to answer our customers questions. We will not put pressure on you.  We are committed to your peace of mind and so we will not try to convince you to make a decision that you are unsure of.  

This is where it all began. As a teenager, I worked for my Dad doing field tiling.  But that is seasonal work.  In 1994 I went with a friend to an insurance auto auction and bought my first vehicle.  I worked out of my Dad's shop with no proper equipment and completed a few cars a year.


What started as a hobby began to grow into an actual business.  Slowly I began adding proper equipment.  This added flexilbility to what I could do and also allowed me to be more efficient with my time.  

This is a picture of the first truck that I reparied.  It was a 1989 Chevy 2500.  When I took this picture, I had no idea what was all going to transpire over the next 20 years.  

I was really limited by being unable to to repair vehicles with frame damage.  So in 2002 I invested in a frame rack.  This increased my ability to do frame repairs.  To this day almost every vehicle we repair spends a bit of time on this rack.  

The new frame rack enabled me to tackle projects that I couldn't even begin to think about before.  For instance, I was able to take two different 2001 Doodge Ram 2500s and, saving the best parts, make one good one. Some people look at a project like this and feel overwhelmed.  I find it to be rewarding.  

This is the finished product.  

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